Gneiss and mica schist
The Steiner site in Sopron lies at the southwestern tip of Lake Neusiedl on a gentle, eastward-facing slope. In the 1680 town chronicles this site was classified as the finest and most valuable vineyard in all of western Hungary (present-day Burgenland). The gneiss and mica schist, which are present all the way to the surface, make the soil porous and thus dry and warm.

A very distinct wine. The rocky soil absorbs heat during the day. This delivers a lot of spice as well as dark berry and herbal aromas. The tannins compete for attention on the palate.

Orography: Slope slightly inclined to the East towards the lake
Soil: Brown earth, rocky, lime-free, deeply rooted
Geology: Weathered light gneiss
Age: approx. 340 million years
Altitude: 184 meter

Density: 3300 vines/hectare
Age of Vines: 50 years

Steiner 2016

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